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The Wearables Family Tree

Tracing the roots of wearable tech

Wearables and IoT - the Marriage of Humans and Machines

While wearable technologies may still be in their infancy, there's no denying the age of wearables is here to stay.

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As enterprises and consumers alike embrace smart glasses and smart watches, the ecosystem of available wearables is growing at a rapid pace.

Download the white paper, "The Wearables Family Tree," to discover:

  • The path toward miniaturization, digitization, and convergence
  • The surprising start for the visual and touch human-technology interface
  • The production economies of scale that make today's wearables possible
  • How network advances blurred devices, apps, and the Internet
  • The next wave fusing wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) – the marriage of humans and machines at work