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The State of Enterprise Wearables

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Learn what 93% of companies are doing with wearable technologies

The growth and impact of wearable technology in today's workplace has been broadly recognized by industry analysts. Gartner research expects smart glasses to realize $1 billion annual cost savings in the field services industry alone, and IMS Research conservatively estimates the wearable technology market to grow to $6 billion by 2016.

There is a behind the scenes movement to put wearables to work. And not by just a few early-adopter companies, but by 93% of the respondents of a recent market research study commissioned by APX Labs.

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Download The State of Enterprise Wearables, where you'll learn about report findings that suggest:

  • The breadth and range of use cases is truly impressive, and it is strongest the more 'blue-collar' you get.
  • Companies are aggressive adopters – half have pilots or production deployments now – because it opens up new ways to solve old problems.
  • The underlying driver of this activity are big ROI expectations. There is across the board strong belief wearables can reduce errors, improve safety and lower costs.
  • On average companies were saying that almost ½ their employees can benefit from using these devices for their job. There are very few other technologies that have that kind of reach.

read the survey results to understand how decision makers across nearly every industry are planning to take advantage ot wearable technology to drive business value.